Hemp History Week | 2019 Theme: Return of the Plant!

Hemp History Week | 2019 Theme: Return of the Plant!

Hemp History Week is the largest educational campaign about hemp in the U.S. Each year hundreds of grassroots organizers and retail stores organize hemp events to celebrate hemp.

Join us in celebrating in this special tenth year of the Hemp History Week where we celebrate the Return of the Plant!

The recent passage of the Farm Bill with the Hemp Farming Amendment has removed hemp from the Controlled Substances Act, and legalizes hemp farming in the U.S. This June, we will join together in victory across the country as we celebrate the Return of the Plant! and embark on a new era of hemp cultivation in American soil.

Let’s reclaim the virtues of hemp after more than 80 years of prohibition, and write a new history of hemp for future generations of farmers, consumers and manufacturers—a righteous, modern narrative of regenerative agriculture, renewable resources, plant-based nutrition and healthy lifestyles. With the return of the plant, we rebuild our rural economies with lucrative hemp crops. With the return of hemp to American manufacturing, we usher in a new market of sustainably produced, American-made consumer goods. The return of the plant brings with it a revitalization of agricultural knowledge, as farmers embrace organic agronomy and rediscover the benefits to soil, crop cycles, and pollinators that hemp imparts to a regenerative farming model. We stand at the threshold of a new beginning for hemp farming, as we praise each other’s efforts in this long movement to lift prohibition of the crop, and commit to further solidarity as we work to ensure the successful emergence of a vibrant, deeply rooted, ecologically-conscious hemp industry in the United States.

Join Hemp History Week in celebration of the Return of the Plant! Hemp History Week 2019, as we mobilize farmers, advocates, consumers, business owners, and environmentalists across the country to nurture the growth of a robust hemp economy, and fertilize the next hundred years of hemp farming in the United States.

An important pillar of the campaign is our grassroots movement. Each year in June, hundreds of grassroots supporters from across the nation celebrate hemp during Hemp History Week by organizing educational hemp events. During these events, they raise awareness about the environmental sustainability, health benefits, regenerative agriculture potential, and new technological applications of hemp.

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