How hemp legalization changed salaries across the industry

How hemp legalization changed salaries across the industry

For an idea of how federal prohibition skews a labor market, look no further than the boom-boom hemp industry.

The end of prohibition caused seismic shifts to a labor landscape with aftershocks that continue to unsettle the industry more than a year later – and offer new job opportunities for folks who haven’t previously considered careers in cannabis.
Hemp entrepreneurs hoping to take immediate advantage of legalization launched broadacre hemp cultivation in 2019. Cannabis-industry recruiters saw an incredibly tight market for farm managers with experience overseeing large outdoor farms of any crop.

One recruiter saw placements of:

$140,000-$160,000 per year for farm directors in Nevada.
$110,000-$130,000 per year for cultivation directors in Florida.
$95,000-$105,000 for field managers in California.

Salaries were driven even higher because the overall job market for experienced managers is so tight.

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