The CBD bubble’s about to burst? GREAT!

The CBD bubble’s about to burst? GREAT!

By Andrew Kelly.

Can’t happen quick enough in my opinion. In the long run, this “pop” won’t deplete the market, but rather expand it. CBD products will be cheaper and more accessible to lower income families and people who need these products in their everyday lives.

It should also spark initiative. All that biomass going to waste, all the stalk being plowed back into the fields, all the fiber being lost.

This is probably the best thing to happen to the hemp business in the last decade. Not only will it free the other 160 cannabinoids in the plant as producers seek to create products with their own “uniqueness.”

It will also bolster the innovators who have been taking a holistic view of the plant all along and are making exciting developments in everything from farming and processing technology to applications from carbons and hemp-fiber based plastics.

The hemp seed’s potential in food is massive.

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