The little-known truth about hemp

The little-known truth about hemp

U.S. media tycoon William Hearst bought paper for his newspapers from Dupont, owner of the DuPont Camicles Corporation. Which extracted pulp from wood. Hemp paper was in every respect superior to Dupont’s paper. Its production was highly competitive.

So Hearst started a PR campaign. Formally against marijuana. But in fact against hemp competitors. Her main thesis was that the use of cannabis was the main drug problem. “Marijuana caused extreme violence in people.”

Businessmen managed to pass the Marijuana Tax Act in Congress. This law even prohibited the medical use of marijuana. It forced cannabis producers to pay such exorbitant taxes that they shut down their now unprofitable businesses.

Paper from the trees was not the only thing. During the same period, DuPont patented the production of plastic from oil and coal. Since then the production of plastics, cellophane, celluloid, methanol, and nylon from oil products has begun.

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