Steel and Hemp Homes Joint Venture in Santa Barbara County

Steel and Hemp Homes Joint Venture in Santa Barbara County

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ECO Innovation Group is pleased to announce that it has entered an LOI to establish its West Coast base of operations for the company’s wholly owned construction subsidiary, Steel Hemp Homes Inc (SHH), in Santa Barbara County, California.

ECOx shall enter into a Joint Venture with Long Canyon Properties Holdings LLC to establish mobile facilities on 3 acres initially, with option to expand to 13 acres total with mutual agreement within 6 months of binding the LOI.

This project has been in discussion for many months with the intent to develop ecologically leading-edge single family and multi family structures showcasing innovative industrial hemp materials importantly complementing a catastrophe resilient steel framing system.

ECOx / SHH operations will not only prototype the Steel Hemp structures but also serve as a mobile education center to illustrate the inspiring science, history, and many importantly significant benefits of industrial hemp-based building materials, that provide carbon negative, ecological, sustainable, fire, earthquake, hurricane and flood resilience, with meaningful health and wellness benefits to occupants.

Founder and CEO John English relates that “ECOx and subsidiary Steel Hemp Homes Inc. are dedicated to providing solutions that allow structures to survive fire, earthquake, hurricane and flood natural disasters, while also contributing to carbon sequestration that reduces the atmospheric carbon that is presently accelerating climate change weather anomalies worldwide. Elegantly simplified and efficient design will provide more affordable housing while still achieving resiliency and sustainability goals.”

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